Greg & Jordan's Wedding Day

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Jennifer B Photography_6304Jennifer B Photography_6304

Elegant Wedding Day at The Carolina Barn, NC / NC Wedding Photographer

     Greg and Jordan are one of the sweetest couples I have ever met.  I was so happy that Summer Jones introduced us in Pinehurst in January.  Fast forward to September...this couple pressed on despite the pandemic and are now married!!!!  It was the perfect day with the perfect weather.  Jordan and Greg were surrounded by their closest family and friends at the beautiful Carolina Barn.  It was amazing!  Summer Jones and Johnson Florist planned and executed the most exquisite day.  There were too many favorites to count but I have to say when Jordan was all dressed and took her mom's hands, I found it difficult to hold back the tears.  When Jordan's father first saw her...more tears.   I loved when Greg signed "I do" during the ceremony.  So many touching moments to count.  And then there was the dancing!  It was truly a celebration of a lifetime.  I am so excited to share a glimpse into their wedding day.  Congratulations, Greg & Jordan!  You two are amazing!!!!

Jennifer B Photography_6305Jennifer B Photography_6305 Jennifer B Photography_6307Jennifer B Photography_6307 Jennifer B Photography_6306Jennifer B Photography_6306 Jennifer B Photography_6308Jennifer B Photography_6308 Jennifer B Photography_6309Jennifer B Photography_6309 Jennifer B Photography_6310Jennifer B Photography_6310 Jennifer B Photography_6311Jennifer B Photography_6311 Jennifer B Photography_6312Jennifer B Photography_6312 Jennifer B Photography_6313Jennifer B Photography_6313 Jennifer B Photography_6319Jennifer B Photography_6319 Jennifer B Photography_6314Jennifer B Photography_6314 Jennifer B Photography_6315Jennifer B Photography_6315 Jennifer B Photography_6317Jennifer B Photography_6317 Jennifer B Photography_6318Jennifer B Photography_6318 Jennifer B Photography_6320Jennifer B Photography_6320 Jennifer B Photography_6321Jennifer B Photography_6321 Jennifer B Photography_6322Jennifer B Photography_6322 Jennifer B Photography_6325Jennifer B Photography_6325 Jennifer B 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Many thanks to the creative team:  

Event Venue: The Carolina Barn /  My BFF and second shooter, Tiffany Dalmida  

Wedding Planner: Summer Jones, Summer Jones Event Planning

Florals:  Johnson Florist  /    Hair & Makeup: Lauren Osborne DJ: Five Star Entertainment

Catering: Two Brother's Catering /    Cake: Southern Couture Cakes

Ceremony Musicians: Paul Kirkpatrick  /  Rentals:  CE Rentals   /   Officiant: Rev. Brent Recto

Wedding Dress: Lis Simon /  Shoes: Betsey Johnson /   Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Men's Suite: Mens Warehouse    /  Invitations: Betty Kelly

Jennifer B Photography-The Carolina Barn-Fayetteville, NC-Greg and Jordan's Wedding-JB Fav-2020-0324Jennifer B Photography-The Carolina Barn-Fayetteville, NC-Greg and Jordan's Wedding-JB Fav-2020-0324






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