Tanner & Gabby's Engagement Session

September 14, 2020  •  18 Comments


Jennifer B Photography_6505Jennifer B Photography_6505

Pinehurst Country Club Engagement, Pinehurst NC / NC Engagement Photographer

      Sometimes I have to pinch myself...mainly because I absolutely love my job.  I get to meet the most wonderful couples...I actually met this sweet couple at a wedding in 2018.  Fast forward to 2020 and, despite all the craziness of this year, something amazing happened!  Tanner asked Gabby to marry him.  They are both golf pros and work a crazy schedule but we were able to meet at the Pinehurst Club where Gabby spends much of her time for a fun engagement session.  It was AMAZING!!! The weather was perfect, as were their outfits.  We walked around the golf course and they even let me drive a golf cart around the most amazing golf course...it was perfect!  I'm so excited for their wedding in 2021!

Jennifer B Photography_6517Jennifer B Photography_6517 Jennifer B Photography_6430Jennifer B Photography_6430 Jennifer B Photography_6431Jennifer B Photography_6431 Jennifer B Photography_6432Jennifer B Photography_6432 Jennifer B Photography_6433Jennifer B Photography_6433 Jennifer B Photography_6434Jennifer B Photography_6434 Jennifer B Photography_6435Jennifer B Photography_6435 Jennifer B Photography_6436Jennifer B Photography_6436 Jennifer B Photography_6437Jennifer B Photography_6437 Jennifer B Photography_6438Jennifer B Photography_6438 Jennifer B Photography_6439Jennifer B Photography_6439 Jennifer B Photography_6441Jennifer B Photography_6441 Jennifer B Photography_6442Jennifer B Photography_6442 Jennifer B Photography_6445Jennifer B Photography_6445 Jennifer B Photography_6443Jennifer B Photography_6443 Jennifer B Photography_6444Jennifer B Photography_6444 Jennifer B Photography_6446Jennifer B Photography_6446 Jennifer B Photography_6440Jennifer B Photography_6440 Jennifer B Photography_6447Jennifer B Photography_6447 Jennifer B Photography_6449Jennifer B Photography_6449 Jennifer B Photography_6448Jennifer B Photography_6448 Jennifer B Photography_6450Jennifer B Photography_6450 Jennifer B Photography_6452Jennifer B Photography_6452 Jennifer B Photography_6453Jennifer B Photography_6453 Jennifer B Photography_6451Jennifer B Photography_6451 Jennifer B Photography_6454Jennifer B Photography_6454 Jennifer B Photography_6457Jennifer B Photography_6457 Jennifer B Photography_6455Jennifer B Photography_6455 Jennifer B Photography_6456Jennifer B Photography_6456 Jennifer B Photography_6458Jennifer B Photography_6458 Jennifer B Photography_6460Jennifer B Photography_6460 Jennifer B Photography_6462Jennifer B Photography_6462 Jennifer B Photography_6461Jennifer B Photography_6461 Jennifer B Photography_6463Jennifer B Photography_6463 Jennifer B Photography_6464Jennifer B Photography_6464 Jennifer B Photography_6465Jennifer B Photography_6465 Jennifer B Photography_6466Jennifer B Photography_6466 Jennifer B Photography_6471Jennifer B Photography_6471 Jennifer B Photography_6467Jennifer B Photography_6467 Jennifer B Photography_6468Jennifer B Photography_6468 Jennifer B Photography_6469Jennifer B Photography_6469 Jennifer B Photography_6470Jennifer B Photography_6470 Jennifer B Photography_6472Jennifer B Photography_6472 Jennifer B Photography_6473Jennifer B Photography_6473 Jennifer B Photography_6475Jennifer B Photography_6475 Jennifer B Photography_6476Jennifer B Photography_6476 Jennifer B Photography_6477Jennifer B Photography_6477 Jennifer B Photography_6478Jennifer B Photography_6478 Jennifer B Photography_6479Jennifer B Photography_6479 Jennifer B Photography_6480Jennifer B Photography_6480 Jennifer B Photography_6481Jennifer B Photography_6481 Jennifer B Photography_6482Jennifer B Photography_6482 Jennifer B Photography_6483Jennifer B Photography_6483 Jennifer B Photography_6484Jennifer B Photography_6484 Jennifer B Photography_6485Jennifer B Photography_6485 Jennifer B Photography_6486Jennifer B Photography_6486 Jennifer B Photography_6487Jennifer B Photography_6487 Jennifer B Photography_6488Jennifer B Photography_6488 Jennifer B Photography_6489Jennifer B Photography_6489 Jennifer B Photography_6490Jennifer B Photography_6490 Jennifer B Photography_6491Jennifer B Photography_6491 Jennifer B Photography_6492Jennifer B Photography_6492 Jennifer B Photography_6495Jennifer B Photography_6495 Jennifer B Photography_6494Jennifer B Photography_6494 Jennifer B Photography_6496Jennifer B Photography_6496 Jennifer B Photography_6497Jennifer B Photography_6497 Jennifer B Photography_6498Jennifer B Photography_6498 Jennifer B Photography_6509Jennifer B Photography_6509 Jennifer B Photography_6511Jennifer B Photography_6511 Jennifer B Photography_6500Jennifer B Photography_6500 Jennifer B Photography_6501Jennifer B Photography_6501 Jennifer B Photography_6502Jennifer B Photography_6502 Jennifer B Photography_6503Jennifer B Photography_6503 Jennifer B Photography_6504Jennifer B Photography_6504 Jennifer B Photography_6505Jennifer B Photography_6505 Jennifer B Photography_6506Jennifer B Photography_6506 Jennifer B Photography_6510Jennifer B Photography_6510 Jennifer B Photography_6507Jennifer B Photography_6507 Jennifer B Photography_6508Jennifer B Photography_6508 Jennifer B Photography_6509Jennifer B Photography_6509 Jennifer B Photography_6515Jennifer B Photography_6515 Jennifer B Photography_6516Jennifer B Photography_6516 Jennifer B Photography_6512Jennifer B Photography_6512 Jennifer B Photography_6513Jennifer B Photography_6513 Jennifer B Photography_6514Jennifer B Photography_6514


Anne Weiss(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple at the perfect setting for two PGA Pros! They are amazing. Can’t wait for your special day!
Judy Grosser(non-registered)
Love the beautiful pictures and this beautiful couple.
Griffin Grubb(non-registered)
This is the single greatest collection of pictures I’ve seen. I especially like how cool Tanner looks.
Matt Nunez(non-registered)
Awesome photos of an awesome couple! Super cool. Happy for both of you!
Beautiful pics of such a cute couple!
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