Ryan & Jasmine's Wedding

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Jennifer B Photography_6222Jennifer B Photography_6222

Intimate Wedding at the Country Club of North Carolina, Pinehurst Wedding Photographer

     I absolutely love my job.  What other job allows you to be a part of such a beautiful an intimate day.  I met Ryan and Jasmine less than two weeks prior to their wedding day.  But when we met, I felt like a already knew them.  Ryan's mother reached out a week prior and told me all about them and their story.  Jasmine is sweet and you can tell from the first moment I met them, how much Ryan loves her.  Fast forward two weeks to their wedding day, they seemed so relaxed and ready...even with an 80% chance of rain, it didn't seem to effect them.  I had my umbrellas ready, but when it came time to start getting ready, there was no rain in sight.  CCNC was an amazing location for the ceremony and reception.  It was such a sweet and intimate wedding ceremony.  When Ryan saw his bride walking down the aisle, his tears said it all.  It only rained during their prayer and then the sun came out just in time for the couple to enjoy the beautiful Pinehurst weather.  It was a perfect ceremony and a wonderful day.  Well here are some of my favorite images of their day.  Ryan and Jasmine, congratulations!!!

Jennifer B Photography_6231Jennifer B Photography_6231 Jennifer B Photography_6230Jennifer B Photography_6230 Jennifer B Photography_6236Jennifer B Photography_6236 Jennifer B Photography_6237Jennifer B Photography_6237 Jennifer B Photography_6238Jennifer B Photography_6238 Jennifer B Photography_6239Jennifer B Photography_6239 Jennifer B Photography_6240Jennifer B Photography_6240 Jennifer B Photography_6241Jennifer B Photography_6241 Jennifer B Photography_6243Jennifer B Photography_6243 Jennifer B Photography_6244Jennifer B Photography_6244 Jennifer B Photography_6245Jennifer B Photography_6245 Jennifer B Photography_6246Jennifer B Photography_6246 Jennifer B Photography_6247Jennifer B Photography_6247 Jennifer B Photography_6248Jennifer B Photography_6248 Jennifer B Photography_6250Jennifer B Photography_6250 Jennifer B Photography_6251Jennifer B Photography_6251 Jennifer B Photography_6253Jennifer B Photography_6253 Jennifer B Photography_6252Jennifer B Photography_6252 Jennifer B Photography_6254Jennifer B Photography_6254 Jennifer B Photography_6256Jennifer B Photography_6256 Jennifer B Photography_6259Jennifer B Photography_6259 Jennifer B Photography_6260Jennifer B Photography_6260 Jennifer B Photography_6261Jennifer B Photography_6261 Jennifer B Photography_6262Jennifer B Photography_6262 Jennifer B Photography_6263Jennifer B Photography_6263 Jennifer B Photography_6264Jennifer B Photography_6264 Jennifer B Photography_6265Jennifer B Photography_6265 Jennifer B Photography_6233Jennifer B Photography_6233 Jennifer B Photography_6266Jennifer B Photography_6266 Jennifer B Photography_6267Jennifer B Photography_6267 Jennifer B Photography_6268Jennifer B Photography_6268 Jennifer B Photography_6269Jennifer B Photography_6269 Jennifer B Photography_6270Jennifer B Photography_6270 Jennifer B Photography_6271Jennifer B Photography_6271 Jennifer B Photography_6275Jennifer B Photography_6275 Jennifer B Photography_6276Jennifer B Photography_6276 Jennifer B Photography_6277Jennifer B Photography_6277 Jennifer B Photography_6234Jennifer B Photography_6234 Jennifer B Photography_6272Jennifer B Photography_6272 Jennifer B Photography_6274Jennifer B Photography_6274 Jennifer B Photography_6223Jennifer B Photography_6223 Jennifer B Photography_6273Jennifer B Photography_6273 Jennifer B Photography_6278Jennifer B Photography_6278 Jennifer B Photography_6235Jennifer B Photography_6235 Jennifer B Photography_6279Jennifer B Photography_6279 Jennifer B Photography_6280Jennifer B Photography_6280 Jennifer B Photography_6282Jennifer B Photography_6282 Jennifer B Photography_6281Jennifer B Photography_6281 Jennifer B Photography_6224Jennifer B Photography_6224 Jennifer B Photography_6283Jennifer B Photography_6283 Jennifer B Photography_6284Jennifer B Photography_6284 Jennifer B Photography_6226Jennifer B Photography_6226 Jennifer B Photography_6285Jennifer B Photography_6285 Jennifer B Photography_6286Jennifer B Photography_6286 Jennifer B Photography_6287Jennifer B Photography_6287 Jennifer B Photography_6288Jennifer B Photography_6288 Jennifer B Photography_6289Jennifer B Photography_6289 Jennifer B Photography_6227Jennifer B Photography_6227 Jennifer B Photography_6290Jennifer B Photography_6290 Jennifer B Photography_6291Jennifer B Photography_6291 Jennifer B Photography_6293Jennifer B Photography_6293 Jennifer B Photography_6295Jennifer B Photography_6295 Jennifer B Photography_6297Jennifer B Photography_6297 Jennifer B Photography_6296Jennifer B Photography_6296 Jennifer B Photography_6298Jennifer B Photography_6298 Jennifer B Photography_6299Jennifer B Photography_6299 Jennifer B Photography_6300Jennifer B Photography_6300 Jennifer B Photography_6301Jennifer B Photography_6301 Jennifer B Photography_6302Jennifer B Photography_6302 Jennifer B Photography_6303Jennifer B Photography_6303 Jennifer B Photography_6229Jennifer B Photography_6229


Thank you to the Creative Team:

The Event Venue and Caterer: CCNC (Country Club of North Carolina) 

Videography: Fernando of New Morning Photo Video   /    The DJ: Trever Cowen




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