Gregg & Debbie's Wedding Day

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Jennifer B Photography_6535Jennifer B Photography_6535

Intimate Destination Wedding at the Pinehurst Resort / NC Wedding Photographer

    This was such a fun and unique wedding.  I am beyond excited to share a glimpse into Gregg & Debbie's wedding day.  I actually met both bride and groom on their wedding day.  They both live in California, but envisioned a sweet destination wedding in Pinehurst where Gregg grew up.
We met prior to their wedding and took some portraits at the Carolina and Pinehurst Number 2.  Then both got ready for an intimate porch ceremony.  As you could've guessed it, it  was a golf-themed, bright and sunflowery wedding day.  The wedding was nestled in The Carolina Hotel's Dogwood room, beaming with beautiful Jack Hadden, bright, and joyful...It describes the couple perfectly.  Debbie is so sunny and cheerful and a joy to be around...and Gregg...well he had me cracking up.  He has a love for golf (not for hackers) but his love for Debbie is second to none.  They were so much fun to be around...and their out-of-town friends made me feel like one of the family.  Gregg was all laughs until the ceremony...when he teared up.  It was truly heart-felt.  I can see the love they have for each other through every image.  One of my favorites of the ceremony was instead of eating the frozen cake at their one year anniversary, they decided to share a bottle of wine and read love letters to each other....what a wonderful gift!  Well I hope the rest of your trip was as amazing as your perfect destination wedding day.  Congratulations, Gregg & Debbie!

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Many thanks to the creative team:  

Event Venue: Pinehurst Resort /  Wedding Planner: Heather Smith, Pinehurst Resort

Florals:  Jack Hadden Florals    

Catering: Pinehurst Resort /     Officiant: Day Break Ceremonies



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