Caleb & Lola's Wedding Day

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High School Sweethearts get married, NC Wedding Photographer

    Caleb and Lola are the sweetest.  Their story is amazing...they actually met on the last day of middle school but the first time they spoke to each other was in high school.   They began dating in high school and he proposed while sitting in the parking lot during a football game.  They were hugging each other and Lola had her hand in her pocket... he slipped his hand to join hers and put the ring on her finger...her father wanted them to wait until after high school and now their wedding day finally arrived.  They were so ready for this day.  

   I arrived early to the first cool day last weekend.  The weather was perfect as was the couple along with their sweet family and friends.  There were so many wonderful touches to this day. Lola's father and her family created the sweetest ceremony and reception site, transforming their home into a beautiful and intimate venue.  Lola's mother made her dress and her father picked out the beautiful material.  The ceremony site was filled with Jack Hadden florals and Lola's father's flowers and shrubs from his very own nursery.  The first dances were touching, their toasts gave me a glimpse of how wonderful this couple truly are.  They celebrated into the night with plenty of dancing and laughter.   Caleb and Lola, congratulations!  It was a day filled with love!

Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0001Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0001 Jennifer B Photography_6629Jennifer B Photography_6629 Jennifer B Photography_6631Jennifer B Photography_6631 Jennifer B Photography_6632Jennifer B Photography_6632 Jennifer B Photography_6633Jennifer B Photography_6633 Jennifer B Photography_6634Jennifer B Photography_6634 Jennifer B Photography_6635Jennifer B Photography_6635 Jennifer B Photography_6636Jennifer B Photography_6636 Jennifer B Photography_6675Jennifer B Photography_6675 Jennifer B Photography_6637Jennifer B Photography_6637 Jennifer B Photography_6638Jennifer B Photography_6638 Jennifer B Photography_6639Jennifer B Photography_6639 Jennifer B Photography_6640Jennifer B Photography_6640 Jennifer B Photography_6641Jennifer B Photography_6641 Jennifer B Photography_6642Jennifer B Photography_6642 Jennifer B Photography_6644Jennifer B Photography_6644 Jennifer B Photography_6645Jennifer B Photography_6645 Jennifer B Photography_6646Jennifer B Photography_6646 Jennifer B Photography_6647Jennifer B Photography_6647 Jennifer B Photography_6648Jennifer B Photography_6648 Jennifer B Photography_6649Jennifer B Photography_6649 Jennifer B Photography_6650Jennifer B Photography_6650 Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0009Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0009 Jennifer B Photography_6651Jennifer B Photography_6651 Jennifer B Photography_6652Jennifer B Photography_6652 Jennifer B Photography_6653Jennifer B Photography_6653 Jennifer B Photography_6654Jennifer B Photography_6654 Jennifer B Photography_6655Jennifer B Photography_6655 Jennifer B Photography_6656Jennifer B Photography_6656 Jennifer B Photography_6657Jennifer B Photography_6657 Jennifer B Photography_6658Jennifer B Photography_6658 Jennifer B Photography_6659Jennifer B Photography_6659 Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0010Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0010 Jennifer B Photography_6660Jennifer B Photography_6660 Jennifer B Photography_6661Jennifer B Photography_6661 Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0011Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0011 Jennifer B Photography_6662Jennifer B Photography_6662 Jennifer B Photography_6663Jennifer B Photography_6663 Jennifer B Photography_6664Jennifer B Photography_6664 Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0013Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0013 Jennifer B Photography_6665Jennifer B Photography_6665 Jennifer B Photography_6666Jennifer B Photography_6666 Jennifer B Photography_6667Jennifer B Photography_6667 Jennifer B Photography_6668Jennifer B Photography_6668 Jennifer B Photography_6669Jennifer B Photography_6669 Jennifer B Photography_6676Jennifer B Photography_6676 Jennifer B Photography_6677Jennifer B Photography_6677 Jennifer B Photography_6678Jennifer B Photography_6678 Jennifer B Photography_6679Jennifer B Photography_6679 Jennifer B Photography_6680Jennifer B Photography_6680 Jennifer B Photography_6681Jennifer B Photography_6681 Jennifer B Photography_6682Jennifer B Photography_6682 Jennifer B Photography_6683Jennifer B Photography_6683 Jennifer B Photography_6684Jennifer B Photography_6684 Jennifer B Photography_6685Jennifer B Photography_6685 Jennifer B Photography_6686Jennifer B Photography_6686 Jennifer B Photography_6687Jennifer B Photography_6687 Jennifer B Photography_6689Jennifer B Photography_6689 Jennifer B Photography_6690Jennifer B Photography_6690 Jennifer B Photography_6691Jennifer B Photography_6691 Jennifer B Photography_6692Jennifer B Photography_6692 Jennifer B Photography_6693Jennifer B Photography_6693 Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0016Jennifer B Photography-Aberdeen-Wedding Day-Caleb & Lola-JB Favs-lg-2020-0016 Jennifer B Photography_6694Jennifer B Photography_6694 Jennifer B Photography_6695Jennifer B Photography_6695 Jennifer B Photography_6696Jennifer B Photography_6696 Jennifer B Photography_6697Jennifer B Photography_6697 Jennifer B Photography_6698Jennifer B Photography_6698 Jennifer B Photography_6670Jennifer B Photography_6670 Jennifer B Photography_6671Jennifer B Photography_6671 Jennifer B Photography_6672Jennifer B Photography_6672 Jennifer B Photography_6673Jennifer B Photography_6673 Jennifer B Photography_6674Jennifer B Photography_6674 Jennifer B Photography_6699Jennifer B Photography_6699 Jennifer B Photography_6700Jennifer B Photography_6700 Jennifer B Photography_6701Jennifer B Photography_6701 Jennifer B Photography_6702Jennifer B Photography_6702 Jennifer B Photography_6703Jennifer B Photography_6703 Jennifer B Photography_6704Jennifer B Photography_6704 Jennifer B Photography_6705Jennifer B Photography_6705 Jennifer B Photography_6706Jennifer B Photography_6706 Jennifer B Photography_6707Jennifer B Photography_6707 Jennifer B Photography_6708Jennifer B Photography_6708 Jennifer B Photography_6709Jennifer B Photography_6709 Jennifer B Photography_6710Jennifer B Photography_6710 Jennifer B Photography_6711Jennifer B Photography_6711 Jennifer B Photography_6713Jennifer B Photography_6713 Jennifer B Photography_6714Jennifer B Photography_6714 Jennifer B Photography_6717Jennifer B Photography_6717 Jennifer B Photography_6718Jennifer B Photography_6718 Jennifer B Photography_6722Jennifer B Photography_6722 Jennifer B Photography_6724Jennifer B Photography_6724 Jennifer B Photography_6725Jennifer B Photography_6725 Jennifer B Photography_6723Jennifer B Photography_6723


Many thanks to the creative team:  

Videographer: Davis Video Productions /  Ceremony Florals:  Jack Hadden Florals  / Hair and Makeup: Chelsea Regan

Catering: Valenti's/    DJ:  All Around Raleigh DJ       /      

Officiant: Jim DeKornfeld of Day Break Ceremonies  / Invitations: Shine Wedding Invitations

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