Jackson and Hannah's Engagement

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Jennifer B Photography_5629Jennifer B Photography_5629

Sweethearts met in the third grade and now they are getting married / Weymouth Center Engagement

     Jackson and Hannah met way back in third grade at the same church. They were in the same Sunday school classes until the 8th grade when Jackson's family left and started their own church.  They reconnected a year later when Hannah's family began attending Jackson's father's church.   It was there that they began dating!  They attended different high schools and after he graduated he went off to Liberty University.   Hannah fell in love with the university and soon joined him.  Jackson proposed to Hannah in November of 2019 while traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  He pulled over at an overlook and got down on one knee and asked Hannah a big question.  What a sweet story!

    We met at Weymouth Center in Southern Pines for a sweet engagement session.  They were the perfect couple to photograph...such naturals!  I love engagements...love getting to know my couples.  I am excited to celebrate their wedding day in June at the Carolina Barn in June!  Here are a few of my favorites!  Thank you, Summer Jones for introducing me to this fabulous couple!

Jennifer B Photography_5631Jennifer B Photography_5631 Jennifer B Photography_5632Jennifer B Photography_5632 Jennifer B Photography_5630Jennifer B Photography_5630 Jennifer B Photography_5631Jennifer B Photography_5631 Jennifer B Photography_5634Jennifer B Photography_5634 Jennifer B Photography_5635Jennifer B Photography_5635 Jennifer B Photography_5636Jennifer B Photography_5636 Jennifer B Photography_5637Jennifer B Photography_5637 Jennifer B Photography_5638Jennifer B Photography_5638 Jennifer B Photography_5639Jennifer B Photography_5639 Jennifer B Photography_5640Jennifer B Photography_5640 Jennifer B Photography_5643Jennifer B Photography_5643 Jennifer B Photography_5644Jennifer B Photography_5644 Jennifer B Photography_5645Jennifer B Photography_5645 Jennifer B Photography_5646Jennifer B Photography_5646 Jennifer B Photography_5647Jennifer B Photography_5647 Jennifer B Photography_5648Jennifer B Photography_5648 Jennifer B Photography_5649Jennifer B Photography_5649 Jennifer B Photography_5650Jennifer B Photography_5650 Jennifer B Photography_5651Jennifer B Photography_5651 Jennifer B Photography_5652Jennifer B Photography_5652 Jennifer B Photography_5654Jennifer B Photography_5654 Jennifer B Photography_5655Jennifer B Photography_5655 Jennifer B Photography_5656Jennifer B Photography_5656 Jennifer B Photography_5657Jennifer B Photography_5657 Jennifer B Photography_5659Jennifer B Photography_5659 Jennifer B Photography_5660Jennifer B Photography_5660 Jennifer B Photography_5658Jennifer B Photography_5658 Jennifer B Photography_5664Jennifer B Photography_5664 Jennifer B Photography_5665Jennifer B Photography_5665 Jennifer B Photography_5666Jennifer B Photography_5666 Jennifer B Photography_5667Jennifer B Photography_5667 Jennifer B Photography_5668Jennifer B Photography_5668 Jennifer B Photography_5663Jennifer B Photography_5663 Jennifer B Photography_5669Jennifer B Photography_5669 Jennifer B Photography_5670Jennifer B Photography_5670 Jennifer B Photography_5671Jennifer B Photography_5671 Jennifer B Photography_5672Jennifer B Photography_5672 Jennifer B Photography_5673Jennifer B Photography_5673 Jennifer B Photography_5674Jennifer B Photography_5674 Jennifer B Photography_5675Jennifer B Photography_5675 Jennifer B Photography_5676Jennifer B Photography_5676 Jennifer B Photography_5677Jennifer B Photography_5677 Jennifer B Photography_5678Jennifer B Photography_5678 Jennifer B Photography_5679Jennifer B Photography_5679 Jennifer B Photography_5680Jennifer B Photography_5680 Jennifer B Photography_5681Jennifer B Photography_5681 Jennifer B Photography_5682Jennifer B Photography_5682 Jennifer B Photography_5683Jennifer B Photography_5683


Aunt Janet(non-registered)
Such a sweet couple. The pictures are really good. Hannah is so very beautiful and Jackson so handsome. I can see their love for each other in all the pictures. Can’t wait for the Wedding. Thank you for sharing your engagement pictures with us.
Love, Aunt Janet
Brenda Mann(non-registered)
Hannah Jordan is like another daughter to me. I have known her since she was 4 years old. These pictures of she and Jackson are very beautiful and depict their love for each other so well!! So pretty and so handsome!!
Beautiful couple and pictures!
Tiffany Kruse(non-registered)
Really good pictures
Dianne Jordan(non-registered)
The pictures are great!
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