Weymouth Garden's NC couples session with a special announcement

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Jennifer B Photography_3468Jennifer B Photography_3468

Sweet couple's session at Weymouth Gardens

     One of the most exciting times in a couple's life (which ranks pretty closely to the wedding day) is when the they find out their family is growing!  You find out!  You share the news!  You wonder if the baby will be a boy?  or a girl?  What about baby names?  The baby's room?  So much excitement and so much to plan...one thing is for certain...this baby will be loved by two wonderful parents.

Jennifer B Photography_3459Jennifer B Photography_3459 Jennifer B Photography_3460Jennifer B Photography_3460 Jennifer B Photography_3461Jennifer B Photography_3461 Jennifer B Photography_3462Jennifer B Photography_3462 Jennifer B Photography_3463Jennifer B Photography_3463 Jennifer B Photography_3464Jennifer B Photography_3464 Jennifer B Photography_3465Jennifer B Photography_3465 Jennifer B Photography_3466Jennifer B Photography_3466 Jennifer B Photography_3467Jennifer B Photography_3467 Jennifer B Photography_3469Jennifer B Photography_3469 Jennifer B Photography_3470Jennifer B Photography_3470 Jennifer B Photography_3471Jennifer B Photography_3471 Jennifer B Photography_3472Jennifer B Photography_3472 Jennifer B Photography_3473Jennifer B Photography_3473 Jennifer B Photography_3474Jennifer B Photography_3474 Jennifer B Photography_3475Jennifer B Photography_3475 Jennifer B Photography_3476Jennifer B Photography_3476 Jennifer B Photography_3477Jennifer B Photography_3477 Jennifer B Photography_3478Jennifer B Photography_3478 Jennifer B Photography_3479Jennifer B Photography_3479 Jennifer B Photography_3480Jennifer B Photography_3480 Jennifer B Photography_3481Jennifer B Photography_3481 Jennifer B Photography_3482Jennifer B Photography_3482 Jennifer B Photography_3483Jennifer B Photography_3483 Jennifer B Photography_3484Jennifer B Photography_3484 Jennifer B Photography_3485Jennifer B Photography_3485 Jennifer B Photography_3486Jennifer B Photography_3486


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