David and Amber's Wedding Day

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Sweet Wedding in the Mountains of New York / The Rosemary at Spano Lake

      What an amazing wedding day for this wonderful couple.  It's not every day that I travel from NC to NY for a wedding...in fact, the last time I did was for Katie, David's sister’s wedding.  I've known this family since before I can remember.  Their mom and her family had been a large part of my childhood.  And although we are not related, I look at them as family...not to mention me and Beth Ann look like we can be sisters.  So when she asked what I was doing the summer of 2023, I didn't even hesitate to say yes!  

     It was a stormy rehearsal but a sunny and 70 degree wedding day.  The venue was the perfect backdrop for this couple and it was truly a dream wedding day.  Amber started out the day with her best friends, chatting and doing each other’s hair and makeup.  You can absolutely sense these ladies spent quite some time in the theater and didn't need any help making themselves look amazing.  Amber was so relaxed and ready to get the day going.  David was doing what no other groom does...he was setting up. YES!  He and his team of groomsmen set up the reception area and made sure everything was in the right place.  Then he was able to throw on his Converse and tie and prepare to take that walk down the aisle.  

     The ceremony was beautiful.  It was officiated by "Crazy Aunt Jen" who, despite some concern, did not make it weird.  She made it all the more special and wonderful.  It was perfect.  The reception was full of dancing and singing...and plenty of toasts...to include the first ever "Cake Toast" given by David's two sisters.  He insisted it was a thing and now it is.  Again...it was perfect.  Then we danced the night away and celebrated this amazing couple's day one.  Congratulations, David and Amber.  Here's to many years of pinky promises.



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