Cody and Kayla's Wedding Day

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Sweet, Simple, Lovely & long awaited Country Club Wedding at Kings Grant / NC Wedding Photographer

     This couple has come such a long way since high school.  I have known them for 8 years...since I met them at Cody's mother's wedding in 2015.  I remembered Cody was quite the dancer and when Kayla asked me to photograph their wedding, I was so excited.  Fast forward through Covid and lots of life experiences, this couple was ready for their wedding day...and it was worth the wait.  

     It was such an amazing day, full of laughter and lots of tears.  Witnessing this couple share their vows, take care of each other, and lovingly care for their two sweet children was so wonderful to witness.  Kayla is such a nurturing mother and her little mini-bride, Lilly and her handsome son.  Cody is such the fun and loving dad.  And the two of them together just knew how to take care of the other.  When one couldn't speak, overwhelmed with emotions, the other picked up and did the speaking.  When one needed a moment of quiet time, the other lead the way.  It was really amazing to witness.  

     The reception was definitely one for the books.  The daddy-daughter dance had both me and Lewis in tears as her father gave Kayla a larger-than life squeeze.  I loved the mother-son dance as well, as Cody and his mom, shared the floor and then opened it up to other mother and sons...I have never seen that in my 10 years of photography but to see all the sons with their moms was so special.  And then there was the mother-daughter dance....YES!  I have told my girls that I would love to dance with them on their wedding days...and this is why.  Again with the tears (both me and Lewis) as Kayla sang softly so her mom could hear and for the two of them, there was no one else around.  

    To photograph this wedding was such an honor.  I started my career with Cody's mother and now get to capture her son's wedding.  Cody and Kayla, here are a few of my favorites from your wedding day.  Never lose sight of how well you compliment each other and continue to take care of one another...and be sure to dance a lot...twirl...dip...and repeat.


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