Derek and Miranda's Pinehurst Wedding

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Fun and Elegant Country Club Wedding at CCNC / NC Wedding Photographer

     Oh what a day!  I've been waiting for Derek and Miranda's wedding since I met them for their engagement.  After spending just a few moments with them, I knew it would be fun.  I remember thinking that Derek was pretty involved in the planning, but throughout the evening and the speeches, it became clear that he was very involved in all aspects...which I think is amazing.  It was totally their wedding!  And it was beautiful!  I knew I was going to have lots of fun with these two and their families, but I had no idea how much I would laugh and how, by the end of the night, I felt as though I was celebrating with old friends.  

    We started our day at a beautiful home in Pinehurst, where Miranda was relaxing with her favorite people.  I loved the moments she shared with her mother and when her father saw his one and only girl, he melted.  He did comment later at the reception that he did not cry during the ceremony (one of her brothers did), but don't you worry.  I have it on record that he cried when he first saw her...her brother is not the only sensitive one.  

    Her friends were definitely ready to celebrate and had gifts all ready to help the men get ready as well (a gift with a will see).  We took the trolley around Pinehurst and stopped at a couple of Derek and Miranda's favorite spots.  Then on to the Country Club of North Carolina to celebrate the day.  I have never seen so many florals!  The ceremony was perfect and then the outdoor area quickly transformed into an elegant ballroom.  I loved watching the dances, but I will have to admit, the toasts were some of my favorites.  Within 40 minutes, I learned so much about these two.  I learned Derek was a country boy with an affinity for gold chains.  That he was in the "friend zone" at one time.  That he is hard working, loving, attentive, and absolutely loves Miranda and has made an impact on her family.  I learned that Miranda is not a morning person, loves to dance, that she is determined and is not one to ever give up on her dreams, and that she, although refused to date someone she worked with, ended up marrying the man of her dreams (who she worked with). 

    Well here are some of my favorites from the day!  Derek and Miranda, you two are amazing and I wish you all the happiness that life has to offer.



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