Chris and Cecile's Celebration

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Let's get right to the party! Wedding Reception 

     What a fun day!  I remember talking to Chris and Cecile during their engagement session.  Their plan was to have a small ceremony in Massachusetts and then a big party in Pinehurst at the Fair Barn...a place that Cecile's grandmother helped to restore.  Well they certainly had a party!  The majority of their 250 plus guests came from out of town to celebrate with them.  It was such a celebration.  Their was such a large gathering of family and friends as close as family.  It became clear as the night progressed how loved these two individuals are.  

     So what do you do as a photographer when the event is only a reception (or a massive party)?  Well we took LOTs of pictures...and ate...and danced...and sang...and had fun with the guests and the band.  It was a record number of hours for this reception and it was fun from start to finish!  I have to say that Chris has the record for amount of time a groom has EVER stayed out on the dance floor...and he plays a mean air trumpet...LOL!  I feel like a got to know them through their friends.  I found out that Cecile, who is such a sweetie, also has quite a quick she sings his name as she calls him. 

     Chris lost his father recently and unexpectedly and Chris's discription of his father was so amazing.  He loved to have fun and I truly think that they paid tribute to him through their celebration.  I was so heart-warming to see his mom smile and dance.  

     You should have heard the music, the laughter, and enjoyment.  It made the time fly by.  I have to make a special mention of their friends.  They were truly special...LOL!  From the album-cover picture request to all the dancing!!!  And then there was the dancing...and more dancing.  They never seem to leave the floor.  At the end of the night, I received the best compliment of all time.  The guys said thanks and one called me the GOAT!  WHAT?!  What a huge I know I am no Jordan, but to be called this warmed my heart (and I immediately told my Lew what he said).  Well Chris and Cecile, here are a few of my favorites!  We wish you the BEST in years to come!!!


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