Josh and Alexis's Wedding Day

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Beautiful Wedding Day at The Pavilion at Carriage Farm / NC Wedding Photographer


     What an amazing day!  I have been so excited for this day since I talked to Josh and Alexis in August about their wedding.  All day I kept thinking back to over 19 years ago when Lewis and I were married and  Josh, little Josh, walked down the aisle as our ring bearer.   He was so little and absolutely adorable and now he is all grown up (with the same sweet smile...and still calls me Miss Jen).  We arrived at the Pavilion at Carriage Farm early to greet a very excited Alexis.  I got to meet her parents and sisters...they all looked like sisters...all with those beautiful eyes and beaming smiles.  

     We quickly grabbed all the beautiful details and, before we realized, it was time for Alexis to get dressed so they can share a moment and exchange private vows.  They were the cutest.  He really wanted to turn to see her but it wasn't time.  She came around the corner and gave him a journal that she began writing in after he proposed.  He etched her a quote from E.E. Cummings and gave her a map of the world they will begin marking their journey together.  It was such a sweet moment.  The ceremony was a full house.  At the end, all in attendance shouted to congratulate was possibly the loudest post ceremony cheer I have ever heard...everyone was excited!

     The reception was amazing!  There were many tearful moments...their first dance when she rested her head on chest.  Then her dance with her father and Josh's dance with his mother.  Then the dance floor opened up and it became a HUGE party!  There was so much to celebrate.  All their friends and family crowded the dance floor and didn't leave until the end of the night.  What a perfect day with a perfect couple!  Josh and Alexis, congratulations!  Have fun marking Paris off the map!


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