Max and Emmali's Wedding Day

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Joyful Wedding Day at Reynolda Village / NC Wedding Photographer


     I remember meeting Max and Emmali at their engagement session. They just found out they were having a baby and she was only five weeks pregnant. I remember having lots of fun with them which is no surprise to anyone who knows this couple.  They really do know how to make each other laugh and be completely and utterly joyful. They enjoy life and I not only saw that during the engagement session, but also during a family session after they had Harrison and now on their wedding day.    

     I arrived at Reynolda Village a couple of hours early...yes...hours...First of all, I was excited to see them and secondly, I was a little nervous with the rain and figured it would take me forever to get to Winston-Salem.  When I got there, Emmali was all smiles. Max arrived shortly after, with an epic mustache that he had planned to surprise his bride with.  Their first look was probably my favorite in my 10 years of weddings.  They included Harrison who is one of the most photogenic toddlers.  He peered over Max's shoulder as his mother approached.  Harrison smiled and Max was in tears. They shared a moment together as a family, and then shared their vows in private.  Max started, but before he could utter a word,  tears welled up and he yelled out “I’m such a sap!” but Max was just overwhelmed by his beautiful bride, the life they have built together, and thoughts of how fortunate he is. Emmali was tearful as well as she shared sweet words to her husband. The tears soon subsided, followed by plenty of laughs… Again, anyone who knows this couple knows how joyful they are. 

    The ceremony was absolutely breathtaking with the perfect backdrop of the gardens. Max and Emmali shared their vows, exchanged rings, and a kiss... and then the partying started or I should say continued. There was lots of fun and lots of laughs with just a modest amount of alcohol… Lol! Everyone was dancing and celebrating with this couple and by the end of the night, the only thing missing was Max's buttons on his shirt...LOL!  They shared a last dance, ran out,  dipped and kissed and invited everyone to the after party!

     Max and Emmali, you two are amazing and I loved every moment of your wedding day.  Here’s a glimpse into your day from my perspective.  Just remember the best is yet to come!



Father of the bride(non-registered)
Outstanding from the beginning.
Perfection every step.
This group was very professional. Every box was checked. I couldn’t have been more pleased.
Still relishing every moment.

Thank you all!
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