Ryan and Blair's Engagement at Daniel's Ridge, NC

September 22, 2022  •  1 Comment



Romantic Engagement Session at Daniel's Ridge / NC Engagement Photographer

      Ok...so I am absolutely obsessed with this session and this couple...and Blair's mom...LOL!  We had so much fun at Daniel's Ridge, a perfect location for an engagement and for a wedding. I was so excited to finally shoot there and even more excited to go back.  We walked around the area and I have to say, the light was perfect.  Ryan even gave up a basketball game (which after spending a minute with Blair, I could see why).  They were so sweet, joyful, and genuine.  I loved every minute, which you will be able to tell from all the pictures below.  Well here they are!!!!  Congratulations, you two love-birds! 






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It's a beautiful place. Ryan and Blair really enjoy it there. It's quiet, secluded and not crowded. They've made friends with several other couples and they have a lot of fun together. I like Daniel's Ridge because of the natural beauty surrounding it and the friendly atmosphere among its residents.
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