Drew and Katie's Engagement in Southern Pines, NC

April 25, 2022  •  91 Comments


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Romantic Engagement in Downtown Southern Pines and the Pinehurst Arboretum / NC Wedding Photographer

     This couple is an absolute dream!!!  Drew and Katie actually went to high school together and then the same college for a year.  They hung out in the same circle of friends and went on a few dates but nothing serious.  Five years later and they just so happened to both move to the same state over 1000 miles from home, they reconnected on social media and the rest is history.   Such a sweet story.  

     We walked around Southern Pines and then drove to the Arboretum (with no speeding tickets...lol!).   They have a doodle that I actually met before meeting their parents (he greeted me at the door).  I am so excited for their wedding day!  Drew and Katie, here are some of my favorites from your engagement!



Richard Weiss(non-registered)
Great pictures & such a beautiful couple. Congratulations!
Leigh Scarborough(non-registered)
What a beautiful couple!!
Cindy Byars(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos!
KC Carpenter(non-registered)
So beautiful!
Anna Marie Guthrie(non-registered)
What a beautiful:couple. The pictures are awesome. They really capture the love they have for each other. The scenery is gorgeous. Congrats to all.
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