Paul and Claire's Ballantyne Wedding

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     The day started unlike most...with a 3 hour drive from my home to the lovely Ballantyne Country Club in Charlotte.  I was already excited to see this couple but then I tacked on 3 hours of talking to my BFF, Tiffany, and I couldn't wait to get there.  I arrived at BCC early and ready to start!  Claire was with her mother and best friends getting ready.  From the moment I met them, I knew this was going to be a fun day, not lacking any energy and ready to dance! I loved the way this day started…. however, it got even better!  

     Now I have to start by telling you that their engagement session was so amazing...and I learned so much about the two of them.  Claire is poised and radiant but Paul totally surprised me!  He found his inner model that day and I couldn't wait to put his new found skills into practice (with a 007 flare).  So as I walked in and Claire told me that out of all the people that were arriving, Paul asked specifically what time I was going to be there!  How awesome is that?!  You will see what I mean when you scroll.  Paul has that look perfected!  

     Claire's dress was stunning and so “her” (which was a comment I heard throughout the day...along with goddess). 
She got dressed and then it was time to meet her father.  He turned to look at his sweet Claire and was in tears with a huge grin.  She was stunning!  It was perfect! It was a reaction that brides dream of and hope for on their wedding day from their dad.  Her grandfather couldn't make it so she did an iPhone first look with was all so sweet.   

     The weather was unbelievable. The light throughout the day was exactly what I wanted. It was overall just a perfect day and it was such an honor to be there.  The greatest joy of our business is getting to create sweet relationships with our couples and their families.  Their family and their friends felt like just and friends.  I even met a Buckeye there!  One of my favorite parts was at the reception.  Her dad came up to Tiff, looked at the couple, and said "they are going to have beautiful children."  

As you scroll through this day, look at how much joy was shared!  Paul and Claire, it is such an honor to be the ones trusted to capture this exciting season of your life!!! Your love for one another and deep care for your family and friends was such a gift to experience this past weekend. What a beautiful new chapter you have started! We’re so happy for you!!


Oh and click HERE to see their sweet Belmont engagement session!




Robin Butler(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures of a perfect day!
Jill Vick(non-registered)
Beautiful collection of photos and a beautiful day. Congratulations, Claire!
Ted Hanson(non-registered)
Great to see your big day, Ms. Bucci (and Paul's too!),, captured in such wonderful images!
Christy Mayes(non-registered)
So many wonderful photographs!! How do you pick?
It was a beautiful wedding and you make such a cute couple. Many more memories to come I am sure.
Gay King(non-registered)
FABULOUS PHOTOS!!!! HOW WILL YOU EVER PICK?? Was the perfect day for a lovely couple!!
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