Luke and Katie's Wedding Day

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A Timeless Wedding of high school sweethearts / Country Club of North Carolina / NC Wedding Photographer 

     This beautiful day began in beautiful Pinehurst at CCNC.  Katie is my kind of bride...type A like me.  I love how organized she is and how she has a love of all the details with some sentimental touches.  I was in heaven when I saw them.  Katie actually got me a meal to eat, but with all of the excitement, I couldn't even think about eating.  The girls were sipping mimosas, popping champagne, and sharing lots of laughs.  The men were getting ready down the hall so it was really nice that I got to stop by and say hey to Luke.  He was nice and relaxed and ready for the day to begin.  

     There was so many special moments to this day that it is hard to narrow down my favorites.  The father-daughter first look, their first dance, and his sweet welcome speech were among my favorites.  You can tell the Katie has a special place in his heart.  When Luke and Katie read their letters to each other was perfect.  Katie retreated to a private space with no one around and it was so hard to hold back the tears.  And then when Luke finally saw his radiant bride and tears welled up in his eyes...only to look back and see her father with tears in his...and Katie with a her beautiful smile and tears in her eyes as well, it was so wonderful to witness.  Their energy, their joy, their strong family bonds…. it made for the most amazing wedding day! Luke and Katie have been together since High School.  Since their families have known each other for years, the best man (Luke's brother) and the maids of honor (Katie's sisters) all stood up together and shared how much they love these two.  And What's not to love.  They are two of the sweetest people.  

     Luke and Katie’s love for one another is so apparent. I have always loved them together as a couple since their engagement but on their wedding day, it had never been more clear that they were made for this. Who they are, their personalities, their passions, their kindness, their smiles…. they are such a beautiful couple. It’s an honor to be their photographer. At the end of the night, Katie gave me a huge hug and said "you were the best part of this".  I told her "No.  You two are!"  I knew what she meant...that she was so grateful and so sweet.  

     I hope you love this beautiful day.  I felt like this wedding was such a beautiful way to end our fall season. Luke and Katie, I hope you enjoy every moment of this journey.  Here are a few (hundred) pictures of your wedding day!




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