Gregory and Sam's Wedding

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Fall Wedding at the Fair Barn / NC Wedding Photography

     I first met Greg and Sam...well...on their wedding day.  LOL!  They live in Texas and are both engineers.  Sam is truly a sweetheart with a beaming smile.  She described Greg as sweet and outgoing.  They met at work and she was the new person.  He always tried to make her feel at home as she tried to get adjusted to her new environment.  Greg and Sam are my kind of people...homebodies who were not looking for a big wedding productions but more of a wedding mass and then.a celebration.  

    Greg's proposal was perfect. He had heard how her parents got engaged and recently visited his mom she told us how they got engaged.  Both stories were very similar and decided to follow close to "tradition" - very simple. We were making dinner together and while the food was in the oven he just said, "Do you want to marry me?". And of course her first response was "Are you asking me?". He said yes and so did she.

     The wedding day was pretty relaxed.  Sam spent the morning with her family and Greg with his two best friends.  The ceremony was sweet.  Greg's mom and Sam's father both read scriptures.  Then the reception at the Fair was decorated in fall decor.  The food was amazing...Sam actually made the delicious cake tower (It was SOOOOO good!).  The night was full of laughter, tears, and dancing.  Here are some of my favorites from the day!  Congrats to Greg and Sam!!!!


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