Dillon and Gal's Wedding Day

September 22, 2021  •  4 Comments


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Beautiful Manor Wedding at The Duncraig / NC Wedding Photographer

     Dillon and Gal did it!!!  Gal never imagined getting the wedding her dreams but here it is.  It was the perfect day.  It was bright and sunny and, although it didn't feel like fall, there were definitely fall vibes.  When I arrived at the Duncraig, I was met with smiling faces.  Matt, owner of Hollyfield Designs, was working hard to make the ceremony and reception a floral dream.  Gal was dressing her little ones and preparing herself for an amazing day.  Their little daughter was precious and their son was all smiles (after taking a nap during the ceremony, of course).  It was a sweet ceremony as the officiant spoke about the gift of marriage...the beginning of something wonderful.

     I already knew Gal and Dillon from their engagement, but I felt like a knew their family as well.  It helped that my favorite Thai restaurant (The Thai Orchid) is theirs...my family and I visit there regularly and I recognized many familiar faces.  The reception was filled with laughter and plenty of dancing.  The little ones, in particular, took over the dance floor, their little daughter loving every minute.  As the sun set (and after a few drinks), the wedding party graced the dance floor.  Even Dillon couldn't resist.  It was such an amazing day as Gal and Dillon celebrated with their family and friends.  And we feel so honored to be a part of it.  Here is a little peak into their wonderful wedding day.

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Dillon Dues(non-registered)
Definitely had a blast; thank you for being such an amazing photographer and truly capturing the moments!
Taylor Lineberry(non-registered)
Gal, you were an absolutely gorgeous bride! All of the pictures were beautiful, and everyone looked so happy! Congratulations Gal and Dillon!!
John ryan(non-registered)
The wedding was great. These pictures did an excellent job of capturing the happy atmosphere.
Kiki Ratanaji(non-registered)
Thank you so much for capturing these beautiful moments! All the pictures look amazing!
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