Davey and Katie's Wedding Day

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Romantic & Sentimental Wedding in Syracuse NY 

      To some, family means the world.  It is so apparent from everything down to the details that family is so important to Davey & Katie.  I could start with how beautiful their wedding day was and how, there were numerous times that tears were shed (mine included), but let's start from the beginning...my dad and Katie's granddad are best friends.  Joe and Larry have been as close as family...so much that I believed Katie's mom, Beth Ann, was one of my cousins.  I may have even believed we were sisters at some point.  My mom has even gotten us confused (as did a few of the guests...Beth Ann is a photographer also).  Needless to say I do not recall a time that I didn't remember this family being in my family's life. 

    We have shared many of life's ups and downs and when Beth Ann got the news that her oldest was engaged, she called me with the date.  I was beyond excited to be chosen to capture such a wonderful event that I told Lewis we were all going to take a trip.  So we packed up for this reunion and after 12 hours of driving, we were ready to celebrate with our family.

    Now fast forward to Davey and Katie's wedding day, the 26th of June.  I met with Katie, her mom (my sister/cousin), and Katie's best friend (one of which I already knew from an engagement session in NC...but that is another crazy story).  They were all so excited for the day to begin.  They laughed and sang while Beth Ann handed over the most precious and delicate details...Katie's great aunt's wedding gown, her grandmother's veil, her great grandmother's handkerchief and necklace.  I loved all of the details and how much meaning they held.  It was perfect.  But then Davey's mother handed Katie a gift (this was amazing).  It was a book labeled "letters to my future wife".  It was filled with daily letters from Davey (many letters!).  It was such a wonderful surprise that it was hard to hold back the tears.  

    The daddy-daughter first look was sweet as well and Katie gave her parents a gift which asked them to walk decide her down the aisle... and so both her mother and father walked her to a sweet and tearful Davey to give her away.   During the ceremony, you can tell that Davey just wanted to kiss and give her a big hug, but he patiently waited until the priest gave him the sign of peace...and quickly he swooped in for a big kiss.  Then they hugged their family.  Such a sweet ceremony.  We then traveled to the Butterfly Garden for portraits and then to the reception to celebrate.

   It was such a wonderful celebration, filled with dancing and lots of laughs.  You can certainly see how much this couple is dearly loved.  Congratulations, Davey & Katie!  Here are some of my favorite images from the day!  Just remember...the best is yet to come!  Lots of love, your aunt Jen.


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You captured everything perfectly! I am forever indebted to my sister/cousin. <3
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