Jarad and Danielle's Wedding Day

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Amazingly joyful and elegant Wedding Day in Southern Pines and the Bradford / NC Wedding Photographer

      Not many women can say they married the man of their dreams twice, but Danielle can honestly say got got the man and the wedding of her dreams twice.  Yes, it was the story of boy meets girl in a war zone...gets engaged on an active volcano...gets married during the height of a global pandemic...has a giant of a baby after 3 days of labor...and now gets to celebrate in the most amazing way!  Jarad and Danielle hold a special place in my heart.  Not only did I get to photograph their engagement and their Covid wedding, but I got to photograph their maternity and meet Charlie (the giant) when he was a few days old and now photograph their big celebration.  It was AMAZING!!!!  I mean every part of it.  First of all, this couple is so much fun and basically awesome.  But they also have the best family and friends that traveled from ALL OVER to celebrate their union....with TWO BANDS!!!  It was truly a celebration.  

     The day began at The Duncraig Manor where all the ladies got ready.  And then Charlie arrived and everyone wanted to be near him.  Who could resist his big smile and dimples.  Jarad and Danielle were so excited to get the day started.  Their first look was hilarious as Jarad jumped in a complete 180 to see his bride.  They have been waiting for this day for a long time and it was finally here!   One of my favorite moments (or 7 minutes) was their choreographed dance.  It was 7 minutes of amazingness!  I was so impressed (thank you, Carolina Danceworks, for training these two now professional dancers).

     It was only fitting that they would get married on Veteran's Day.  The Bradford was full of prior and current Military service men and women.  These men and women, who served our country, showed their spirit and really partied the night away.   At the end of the night, as I went to say my farewell, Danielle and Jarad thanked me with a hug and Danielle sweetly said "I'll see you next baby!".   I replied..."of course.  Maybe you will have twins!"

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