Phillip and Kristina's Wedding Day

October 05, 2021  •  61 Comments


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Bright and shiny October Wedding at the Carolina Barn / NC Wedding Photographer

     Boy did it NOT feel like October on this bright and shiny wedding day.  I cannot complain, however, since Phillip and Kristina were a dream to work with and their family and friends were amazing.  I'm so glad Summer introduced me to this sweet couple a year ago...and now they are married. 

     It was such a sweet wedding day.  We arrived early to find Kristina and her besties curled up in a seating area, ready to get this day officially started.  There were way too many sweet moments to count, but I have to make note of the daddy-daughter first look.  I instructed Kristina's father to not turn around (after she warned me that he may try to peek).  She gave him the okay, but he wouldn't turn at first...since he was doing as he was told.  I finally turned with a huge grin and a hug.

     Phillip's father was also very funny.  I would have to say that I never saw a best man entering in a bridesmaid's dress...but Phillip's father did it...and he looked pretty good in blue. LOL!  The first dance was intimate and sweet...but then the father-daughter dance and mother-son dances had everyone cheering and rolling.  

    The exit was a surprise.  They had a Firebird parked in front as the decoy.  But at the end of the night, a helicopter landed at the Carolina Barn and they took off.  This was certainly a wedding to remember.  Well here are a couple (hundred) of my favorite pictures from the day!  Congratulations, Phillip and Kristina!





Deborah Reese(non-registered)
Beautiful! Congratulations and much love always!
DeLaine Reid(non-registered)
What a beautiful celebration captured so perfectly! Simply stunning!
These photos are STUNNING! Whether you were at the wedding or not, you can really experience the moments and the feel of the day through these beautifully captured memories.
Kendall Cornett(non-registered)
Which a beautiful wedding and amazing pictures. Congratulations you two.
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