Zach and Caroline's Proposal

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Jennifer B Photography_5410Jennifer B Photography_5410

Sweet proposal at Weymouth Gardens / NC Engagement Photographer

      Zach reached out a couple weeks ago with a ring and a plan to propose to sweet could a resist!  He was ready...she wore the cutest blue dress (ready to dance) and he arrived at Weymouth Center to take his girl for a walk through the garden.  He didn't get far into his walk before dropping to one knee.  He showed her the most beautiful ring.  AND SHE SAID YES!!!!  Of course she did.  You can tell from her larger-than-life smile and their hugs and kisses that they were deeply in love.  It was so amazing to be a part of it...they were so happy that they did dance...even without music.  It was wonderful to witness and be part of this special occasion.  Zach and Caroline, you two are the sweetest!  Thank you for choosing me to capture your engagement!!!!!

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