William & Shanin's Engagement in Pinehurst, NC

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Joyful engagement session in Pinehurst, NC / NC Engagement Photographer

    William and Shanin have such a sweet story.  They were college sweethearts and have been together over 5 years.  They got engaged last September in Charleston.   Their engagement was so romantic and sweet, he planned the entire weekend without revealing a single detail until they got in the car.  They stayed at the Wentworth Mansion which he chose because of a spiral staircase which led to a Cupola that gives you a full 360 view of Charleston...his plan was to propose on Friday...well Shanin had an extra glass of wine that night so William re-thought his plan, knowing that Shanin would want to remember all of the fabulous details (LOL!).  So the next day they toured Charleston, enjoyed the city, as William, having carried the ring in his pocket for almost 2 days (minus the box so to not give it away) took Shanin back up to the Cupola before dinner.  They were up there for 30 minutes as people enjoyed the view...and finally they were alone and there it happened.   He proposed!  Once he started his speech, she immediately began crying happy tears since this was by far the happiest day of her life.   William later told her he had never been more nervous in his life, holding this beautiful ring in his pocket on Friday and Saturday.  I love their sweet story...every detail. 

 Their romantic and whimsical wedding will be next fall at the Pinehurst Arboretum and Fair Barn (two amazing locations!).  I am so excited to meet them, get to know their sweet personalities, and now I must wait until next October for, what is going to be a fun and amazing wedding day!  So excited!!!!



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