Beeman Family Summer Vacation 2019

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The Beeman Summer Vacation

Every year our family travels to Ohio and the New York.  This year we decided to make 2 trips in one (like crazy people).  So we ventured on a tour, starting with Ohio, then to Ithaca, NY, and finally back home.  Our first leg of the tour started around 11 pm with 2 kiddos, 2 puppies, 1 guitar (1 amp), 1 Nintendo, and 1 camera....along with a load of luggage.  We made it to the upper north part of Ohio after 11 hours and 23 stops...oh I mean 2-3 stops...LOL!

We spent a fun-filled 6 days in Ohio, visiting family and relaxing.  I took morning jogs with my puppies, Fender and Tele.  This resulted in cars stopping to find out what kind of dogs I had.  

We headed out in early in the morning for NY...and we made it in 9 hours!...with another 2-3 stops.  There we spent time with my side of the family.  We played in the we I mean my kids since it was in the 70s-80s there which created arctic temperatures in the pool (my girls are immune to cold).  We went horse-back riding, which was my first time on a horse in nearly 20 years.  I trotted and may have galloped up a hill (well I held on for dear life while Brumby, my horse, galloped).  I stayed on (thankfully) and no curse words uttered!  Score for the fearful mom!  And Addy learned to ride a bike...Score for the fearless Addy!

We rocked out near the camp fire with family (hence the guitar and amp).  Then we headed home.  It was a great trip!

Jennifer B Photography_1758Jennifer B Photography_1758

Mamaw's garden is amazing!

Jennifer B Photography_1759Jennifer B Photography_1759 Jennifer B Photography_1760Jennifer B Photography_1760 Jennifer B Photography_1761Jennifer B Photography_1761 Jennifer B Photography_1762Jennifer B Photography_1762

Fender and Tele enjoying their freedom! Jennifer B Photography_1763Jennifer B Photography_1763 Jennifer B Photography_1764Jennifer B Photography_1764 Jennifer B Photography_1765Jennifer B Photography_1765 Jennifer B Photography_1766Jennifer B Photography_1766 Jennifer B Photography_1767Jennifer B Photography_1767 Jennifer B Photography_1768Jennifer B Photography_1768 Jennifer B Photography_1769Jennifer B Photography_1769 Jennifer B Photography_1770Jennifer B Photography_1770 Jennifer B Photography_1771Jennifer B Photography_1771 Jennifer B Photography_1772Jennifer B Photography_1772 Jennifer B Photography_1773Jennifer B Photography_1773 Jennifer B Photography_1774Jennifer B Photography_1774 Jennifer B Photography_1775Jennifer B Photography_1775 Jennifer B Photography_1776Jennifer B Photography_1776 Jennifer B Photography_1777Jennifer B Photography_1777 Jennifer B Photography_1778Jennifer B Photography_1778 Jennifer B Photography_1779Jennifer B Photography_1779 Jennifer B Photography_1780Jennifer B Photography_1780 Jennifer B Photography_1781Jennifer B Photography_1781 Jennifer B Photography_1782Jennifer B Photography_1782 Jennifer B Photography_1783Jennifer B Photography_1783 Jennifer B Photography_1784Jennifer B Photography_1784 Jennifer B Photography_1785Jennifer B Photography_1785 Jennifer B Photography_1786Jennifer B Photography_1786 Jennifer B Photography_1821Jennifer B Photography_1821 Jennifer B Photography_1822Jennifer B Photography_1822 Jennifer B Photography_1835Jennifer B Photography_1835  

Izzy looked forward to Kayaking all year long!

Jennifer B Photography_1836Jennifer B Photography_1836 Jennifer B Photography_1837Jennifer B Photography_1837 Jennifer B Photography_1842Jennifer B Photography_1842

Daily walks with dogs...and yes Addy wore PJs downtown. Jennifer B Photography_1841Jennifer B Photography_1841 Jennifer B Photography_1787Jennifer B Photography_1787    Jennifer B Photography_1789Jennifer B Photography_1789 Jennifer B Photography_1790Jennifer B Photography_1790


Jennifer B Photography_1791Jennifer B Photography_1791

Welcome to Ithaca! And welcome to Painted Bar Stables! Jennifer B Photography_1792Jennifer B Photography_1792 Jennifer B Photography_1793Jennifer B Photography_1793 Jennifer B Photography_1794Jennifer B Photography_1794 Jennifer B Photography_1795Jennifer B Photography_1795 Jennifer B Photography_1796Jennifer B Photography_1796 Jennifer B Photography_1797Jennifer B Photography_1797 Jennifer B Photography_1798Jennifer B Photography_1798 Jennifer B Photography_1799Jennifer B Photography_1799 Jennifer B Photography_1800Jennifer B Photography_1800 Jennifer B Photography_1826Jennifer B Photography_1826 Jennifer B Photography_1827Jennifer B Photography_1827 Jennifer B Photography_1828Jennifer B Photography_1828 Jennifer B Photography_1829Jennifer B Photography_1829 Jennifer B Photography_1830Jennifer B Photography_1830 Jennifer B Photography_1831Jennifer B Photography_1831 Jennifer B Photography_1832Jennifer B Photography_1832 Jennifer B Photography_1833Jennifer B Photography_1833

Off to the pool...brrrr!

Jennifer B Photography_1801Jennifer B Photography_1801 Jennifer B Photography_1802Jennifer B Photography_1802

My favorite card game...Uno!

Jennifer B Photography_1803Jennifer B Photography_1803 Jennifer B Photography_1804Jennifer B Photography_1804 Jennifer B Photography_1805Jennifer B Photography_1805 Jennifer B Photography_1806Jennifer B Photography_1806 Jennifer B Photography_1807Jennifer B Photography_1807 Jennifer B Photography_1808Jennifer B Photography_1808 Jennifer B Photography_1809Jennifer B Photography_1809

Add insisted on saying "Wakonda Forever"....yes we are Marvel fans. Jennifer B Photography_1810Jennifer B Photography_1810 Jennifer B Photography_1811Jennifer B Photography_1811 Jennifer B Photography_1812Jennifer B Photography_1812 Jennifer B Photography_1813Jennifer B Photography_1813

Every year I force these two to take a picture on the slide...4 years running! Jennifer B Photography_1814Jennifer B Photography_1814 Jennifer B Photography_1815Jennifer B Photography_1815

Addy learned to ride a bike...wearing a riding helmet! Jennifer B Photography_1816Jennifer B Photography_1816 Jennifer B Photography_1817Jennifer B Photography_1817 Jennifer B Photography_1818Jennifer B Photography_1818 Jennifer B Photography_1819Jennifer B Photography_1819

Addy driving around to camp ground and Izzy making her dad an omelet in a bag...good times! Jennifer B Photography_1838Jennifer B Photography_1838

Hay ride time!

Jennifer B Photography_1839Jennifer B Photography_1839 Jennifer B Photography_1840Jennifer B Photography_1840


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