Kyle and Laura's Engagement Session

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Jennifer B Photography_3166Jennifer B Photography_3166

Sweet Engagement session with their little girl, Jordyn and their pup

     I met Laura during Jamie & Sarah's summer wedding.  She own's Hammer and Stain of Southern Pines and their wedding was accented with her handy-work. 

     Laura and Kyle met in college at NC State.  They have been engaged for about 4 months.  He proposed on his birthday and they were trying to get out the door to spend the day as a family.  Jordyn was supposed to be cleaning her room and came up to her momma holding something. At the same time Laura opened her mouth to tell her to go put whatever that is back in her room she said “for you Momma” and it was the ring box.  Isn't that the sweetest?!  So we had to include Jordyn in this engagement session.

     We met last weekend with Kyle, Jordyn, and their sweet Fur-baby. It was so much fun with this sweet family.  We talked about how Jordyn was going to wear a big princess dress just like her mommy.  We played in the leaves and toward the end of the session, Laura thought it would be fun to place her beautiful ring on her puppy's nose...OMGoodness!  It was great until their little doodle thought it may have been a treat...LOL!  I'm so grateful his aim was a little off and he missed it.  I may not ever try that one again.  Here are a few of my favorite images.  I cannot wait for their January 2020 wedding day!

Jennifer B Photography_3163Jennifer B Photography_3163 Jennifer B Photography_3162Jennifer B Photography_3162 Jennifer B Photography_3164Jennifer B Photography_3164 Jennifer B Photography_3165Jennifer B Photography_3165 Jennifer B Photography_3166Jennifer B Photography_3166 Jennifer B Photography_3167Jennifer B Photography_3167 Jennifer B Photography_3168Jennifer B Photography_3168 Jennifer B Photography_3169Jennifer B Photography_3169 Jennifer B Photography_3170Jennifer B Photography_3170 Jennifer B Photography_3172Jennifer B Photography_3172 Jennifer B Photography_3173Jennifer B Photography_3173 Jennifer B Photography_3174Jennifer B Photography_3174 Jennifer B Photography_3175Jennifer B Photography_3175 Jennifer B Photography_3176Jennifer B Photography_3176 Jennifer B Photography_3177Jennifer B Photography_3177 Jennifer B Photography_3178Jennifer B Photography_3178 Jennifer B Photography_3179Jennifer B Photography_3179 Jennifer B Photography_3181Jennifer B Photography_3181 Jennifer B Photography_3182Jennifer B Photography_3182 Jennifer B Photography_3183Jennifer B Photography_3183 Jennifer B Photography_3184Jennifer B Photography_3184 Jennifer B Photography_3185Jennifer B Photography_3185 Jennifer B Photography_3186Jennifer B Photography_3186 Jennifer B Photography_3187Jennifer B Photography_3187 Jennifer B Photography_3190Jennifer B Photography_3190 Jennifer B Photography_3189Jennifer B Photography_3189 Jennifer B Photography_3212Jennifer B Photography_3212     Jennifer B Photography_3193Jennifer B Photography_3193 Jennifer B Photography_3195Jennifer B Photography_3195 Jennifer B Photography_3196Jennifer B Photography_3196 Jennifer B Photography_3197Jennifer B Photography_3197 Jennifer B Photography_3199Jennifer B Photography_3199 Jennifer B Photography_3200Jennifer B Photography_3200 Jennifer B Photography_3201Jennifer B Photography_3201 Jennifer B Photography_3202Jennifer B Photography_3202 Jennifer B Photography_3203Jennifer B Photography_3203 Jennifer B Photography_3204Jennifer B Photography_3204 Jennifer B Photography_3205Jennifer B Photography_3205 Jennifer B Photography_3206Jennifer B Photography_3206 Jennifer B Photography_3207Jennifer B Photography_3207 Jennifer B Photography_3208Jennifer B Photography_3208 Jennifer B Photography_3209Jennifer B Photography_3209 Jennifer B Photography_3210Jennifer B Photography_3210 Jennifer B Photography_3211Jennifer B Photography_3211 Jennifer B Photography_3192Jennifer B Photography_3192


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