Kurt and Sydney’s Wedding Day

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Elegant and Classic Fairy-tail Wedding Day at Forest Creek Country Club

      It all started in middle school…that’s how long these two love-birds have known each other.  They didn’t start dating until their freshman year of college and 10 years later, they are finally married.  I absolutely loved this couple since the moment we met at their engagement session.  Kurt and Sydney were so sweet and so much fun to be around.  It was a very cold and snowy session, which was much different than this past Saturday’s wedding day. It was a perfect day from start to finish and, as the day progressed, I got to see how much this couple is loved.  They have been together so long that they were already a huge part of each other's family.  It was so easy to confuse his sisters for hers and her brothers for his...they have been together THAT long...so many Christmas mornings at both homes...so many celebrations.  The running joke was that he finally proposed and they planned their wedding in a few months...why wait any longer, right?! (BTW...Lewis and I were engaged for 4 months so we can totally relate).  But this couple knew exactly what they were doing and it was perfectly timed.  Being a huge photo-buff, I loved seeing their many pictures around the room and their sweet slideshow, which included a video of his proposal and when each of their wedding party was asked to be a part of their special day...it even got Lewis choked up a couple of times (he's a big softy!).

    Well you will be able to tell from this day and ALL of the images below, that it was SO MUCH FUN!  This couple with their family and friends truly celebrated a momentous occasion.  I am so excited for Kurt and Sydney.  At the end of the night, Sydney gave me a big hug and told me she loved me...lol!  I so love her too!



Kay Turner(non-registered)
Love every pic. You captured every emotion. Could not ask for better, more beautiful representation of their day! Thank you Jen and everyone!!
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