Thank you for choosing me!  Words cannot express how grateful and excited I am!

 I LOVE weddings and I cannot wait to be there with you and your family, capturing moments you will treasure forever.  I think back on my brides and grooms and feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love while meeting so many amazing people.   

Below is a pic of me and my hubby of over 12 years!  He's my one and only squeeze!  He also enjoys shooting with me (we shoot weddings together.  Too cool, right?!)  

Jennifer B Photography- Beeman family 2016-17Jennifer B Photography- Beeman family 2016-17

The next step in this experience is setting up the engagement session.  I have to warn you...this is a fun one.   No stress, just fun.  This is the time where we get to know each other.  I work digitally, so PLEASE don't stress.  Your job is to love one job is to capture that.  

So as my little girls would say "Let's do this!"