Family pics-mother's day 2017-0029Family pics-mother's day 2017-0029

He takes my hand. Holds it tightly and leads me to an uncertain, fun, exciting future.  

meme  I'm the structure.  The planner from start to finish.  The schedule maker. He's the go as fast as you can go. The laughter and excitement. The not afraid to be silly man's man.  

I cook and dirty every dish in the house and he laughs it off as he grabs at the piles of delicious-smelling mess and cleans.   He dips me with his hugs...I curl up and sink in as I scratch his noggin. He senses when things are off in me and wraps me in love.  He is my rock on a foundation built on God's word.  

We are partners in crime....he is forever my groom and I, his bride. 

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Hello and welcome to my on-line home.  Let's just say I've always loved photography but I actually have my degree in nutrition and am a dietitian (trained in the Army).  I never imagined I would build such a fun business that allows me the opportunity to photograph and meet such wonderful people.  I particularly love wedding photography and portraiture.  I love capturing moments as they unfold and getting to know my fabulous clients. 

I have over 5 years professional photography experience and have traveled as far as Puerto Rico to capture beautiful wedding moments.  I love many types of weddings from the chic to the rustic!

God has blessed me with a loving husband of over 12 years, two wonderful children, and my fur-baby (11 year old lab, Buckeye). 2 years ago, by husband decided to join me as my second shooter for weddings.  He's a lot of fun and brings a fresh perspective (especially since he is a foot taller than me...he gets a whole different angle:)

I'm not only a photographer, but also a dietitian.  And I love food!  What's not to love.  Food is fun, colorful, and delicious.  I often find myself taking pictures of my children think I may be a little crazy!

Please let me know if you would like to meet, get some coffee, and/or book a session.

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and a little walk down memory lane...